FCCRA Superintendent’s Report – February 2022

Since the last committee meeting there have been no incidents reported to the office.

The biggest impact the snowstorm had on us was that we had to put a pause on our efforts to add underwater structures for fish habitats. The process has gone well so far and we intend to complete what we can while the ice is still safe to work on. Getting an updated count on the goose nests and location is in the works as well as rendering repairs.

The waiting list for 2022 sits at fifty-three. Presently, there are no electric sites left open to the public, the last electric site filling on January 29th. We still have three non-electric sites open to all. At the start of the season, we will have sixteen electric and four non-electric sites open for campers to bid upon.

Website design work is on-going for the campground site. We hope to have a mock up in the next month or so. The reworking of the county website will hopefully be finished by the end of this week or next.

We are outlining some expanded programming for the 2022 season, keep an eye out for updates, perhaps even on our new website!

In addition, our account with home city ice is set, we will have an ice machine this season.