FCCRA Superintendent’s Report – July 2022

FCCRA Superintendent’s Report – JULY 2022

Since the last committee meeting there was an incident reported to the office. .

  • June 20th. Camper reported that his camper had been unplugged. Nearly two hundred dollars in food, mainly meat, was lost. Camper stated he was on good terms with the other campers. No way to determine for 100% any theory on how the rig became unplugged.

Weather has played a major role in the last few weeks at the campground. Our 4th of July was impacted but the weather, with two cancellations for that weekend being blamed on the weather. The long stretches of high heat and humidity have impacted our patronage. Add in the powerful storms that passed over our area recently, the campground received nearly 3.25” of rain. Much of this water came in one strong rain storm that caused road washouts, repairs are underway. Long term drainage repairs are going to begin soon; Little Sister Loop and Hawk Lane by the LSL boat ramp are top priorities.

A month’s long bidding cycle for open sites has ended, there was zero action! This tell us that the folks are happy on their sites, excellent! That initially made a larger number of sites available to all. We started the weekend of the July 9th/10th with 8 electric and 6 non-electric, at the end of the weekends’ business we have 5 electric and 4 non-electric sites open to all.  We still have a short waiting list, eleven, as of the writing of this report. Stay tune for future bid lists!

In the category of projects pending since last season; the process of obtain the easements to run the fiber across MSD property is still underway, no start date can be discussed at this time.

Wildlife research being conducted on the grounds. IDNR had several teams on-site to evaluate the Canadian goose population. No further information has been reported. We have also been allowing Dr. Tuten and her team access to our ground in an effort to track the progress of ticks initially only found in Texas. The Lone Star tick has been found at our campgrounds.