FCCRA Superintendent’s Report – August 2022

FCCRA Superintendent’s Report – AUGUST 2022

Since the last report there were no incidents reported to the office. Several campers are
going to be contacted about on-going problems with the conditions of their sites.
The delivery of the playground equipment has been delayed by several weeks. The
manufacturer stated a lack of qualified workers to keep up with product for the delay.
Drainage work had started but has been put on pause for the time being. The dual walled
culvert and geotextile underlayment for the project are both, as of Friday August 5th, missing
in transit.
The public access area off Pasture Lane in now formalized and open to the public.
General maintenance, mowing/trimming and road work are on-going.
Contact has been made with individuals regarding a solar project at the campground. More
to come.
We will see stocking begin this week with another delivery of fish from the Little Grassy
Fishery. At the time this report is written, we do not know more about this shipment. As a
result of working with IDNR on the lakes’ health this stocking continues. The idea of starting
our own in house restocking plan is still on track! The 2022 lake survey from Dr. Hilsabeck
is still pending.
Our 2022 waiting list currently sits at eight. We are on a second round of calls attempting to
reach these last few people for appointments. People don’t seem to return voicemails or
reject our calls because they are unknown numbers? We currently have three electric and
three non-electric sites open to the public. The waiting list for 2023 sits at thirty-one.